Something about Anna

Anna is a passionate Italian woman full of energy and creativity, she has an innate sense of colour and proportion but her love for Renaissance paintings and previous education in art history surely helped her develop a strong sense of design. She has many interests, from branding and advertising to interactive design, but she particularly loves type, animations, and storytelling. She always wanted to save the world and maybe one day she will, thanks to her designs, ideas, and a bit of fun. With a killer eye for typography, she has never left an orphan, and her parent pages are always politically correct. One of her strengths is the ability to generate a thousand of ideas at once, her weakness is having to deal with that, being meticulous in everything she does, Anna never missed a deadline, and her work ethic and extrovert character made her quite appreciated by her teammates. She is now looking forward to meeting new people to work with and expanding her design skills. Probably in the end, she will not have saved the world, but even if she only changes it a little bit, she will be very happy. 




text: grapicbruno on Instagram